Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

PLEASE NOTE: Students have one month to complete the course material from date of registration. A final exam link will be sent two weeks after course material has been sent to the student. An expiration date will be outline in a detailed message from The PIC Group.

Brief Course Description:

PPAP will familiarize the student with the generic requirements for production part approval for all production and service commodities. The procedures, reporting requirements and activities that most automotive manufacturers are taught. Through activities, students will assemble and critique a PPAP package for submission to a potential customer.

Outline of Topics Covered

  • Introduction to PPAP
  • Scope, definition and purpose
  • When submission is required
  • Submission levels and requirements
  • Process requirement
  • Customer specific requirements
  • Exercises/applications
  • Online final exam

Benefits of Study

  • Efficiently and effectively develop and submit packages
  • Reduce waste and improve the quality of products
  • Clearly communicate changes in product/process characteristics
  • Being able to provide feedback for future related products

Who should study PPAP?

  • Internal auditors
  • Cross-functional team members
  • Project Managers, Engineers and Quality Department Personnel

This course intended for beginners and intermediate level of study.

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