Error Proofing

Outline Of Topics Covered

  • What is an error proofing approach and what are the benefits?
  • Sequence of conditions leading to errors and defects
  • Types of inspection - source, judgment and successive
  • Getting to the source of errors - root cause analysis
  • Six step approach to effective mistake proofing
  • Controlling variation with settings
  • Error proofing principles and examples
  • Error proofing devices and sensors
  • Creating a favorable culture and environment for error proofing
  • Applying error proofing to specific, existing problems (including establishing exit criteria)

Who Should Attend?

Personnel directly involved in the process; including operators, maintenance, quality, materials management, engineering, design and production. 

Benefits Of Attending

  • Learn how to effectively implement error proofing
  • Reduced defects, scrap, rework, spills and associated losses such as containment and warranty cots
  • Prevent errors permanently


Root cause analysis, problem solving and FMEA knowledge is an asset.
Please Note: This workshop can only be conducted onsite at the customers location, as it involves shop floor exercises.

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