Supplier Development Program

Are You Looking To:

  • Improve the quality in your plant?
  • Improve the quality being shipped in from your suppliers?
  • Improve areas within your supply chain?

If you answered “YES” then your ultimate goal is to become a world-class manufacturer and PIC, A TRIGO Company's Supplier Development Program is the source you need!

Our Supplier Development program is designed to assist you in improving the performance of your manufacturing plants, as well as those of your suppliers.

Our program is simple - by utilizing our comprehensive metrics based assessment, we are able to link the root cause of any unidentified deficiency and compile recommendations for permanent corrective actions.

This program can be managed by PIC or we can develop the program and train your personnel to take ownership for your future manufacturing processes. Whatever your quality concern may be, our qualified team of professionals will work with you and your suppliers to take the necessary steps towards meaningful long-term process improvements.


“Having a program that incorporates all the proper steps needed for quality manufactured products, has helped us cut excessive costs to our budgets."
Sr. Production Manager
Motorcycle Manufacturer