Applying SPC Tools

Outline Of Topics Covered

  • What is attribute and variable data?
  • What are special characteristics?
  • What are the key components of effectively applied SPC?
  • Applying SPC problem solving and diagnostic tools
  • How to determine where to apply SPC
  • Assessing process capability
  • Troubleshooting incapable/unstable processes
  • Effective control chart application
  • Interpreting control charts
  • Applying SPC in short-run environments
  • Focusing on controlling/error proofing process inputs
  • Assessing SPC effectiveness
  • Developing a client specific SPC application plan

Who Should Attend?

Personnel directly involved in process control, including Production Managers/Supervisors, SPC coordinators, process engineers, Quality personnel, operators and maintenance.

Benefits Of Attending

  • Effective application of SPC techniques
  • Greater consistency, control and capability of key processes
  • Greater understanding, credibility and ‘buy-in’ when applying SPC
  • Higher quality, fewer defects from a more preventive versus reactive approach


A fundamentally sound knowledge of mathematics is required.
Please Note: This workshop can only be conducted on site at the customers location, as it involves shop floor exercises.

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