5S & Visual Workshop

Outline Of Topics Covered

  • What is 5S and Visual Workplace approach?
  • Preparing for 5S and Visual Workplace
  • The 5 elements of 5S
  • Elements of the Visual Workplace
  • Identifying and prioritizing Visual Workplace application
  • Developing an action plan for implementing a 5S and Visual Workplace approach (including exit criteria)
  • The sessions involve a combination of classroom/workshops and time spent applying the elements of 5S in the target area
  • Workshop exercises/application

Who Should Attend?

Personnel directly involved in the process, including operators, supervisors, managers, maintenance, quality, material management, engineering, design and production.

Benefits Of Attending

  • More clean, organized and efficient workplace
  • Shop floor employees see a direct, positive impact in their workplace environment
  • 5S promotes improved safety, productivity, morale, quality and communication
  • 5S and Visual Workplace is a foundation for implementing a Lean Manufacturing approach


None required.
Please Note: This workshop can only be conducted onsite at the customers location, as it involves shop floor exercises

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